Hello Everyone – greetings from STEK Automotive and the heart of the company

We want to address who we are, why we matter, and dispel some of the myths and urban legends surrounding our brand.  As with any good “investigative report”, we’ll address who, what, where, when, why, and how.

WHO we are:  STEK is a Korean company founded in 1977 with a focus on protective films for phones, tablets, laptop screens and other similar devices.  We grew our business, grew our R&D staff, and expanded our own factory with knowledgeable manufacturing engineers and strict quality control.  Mid-way through our growth a series of circumstances led a large Korean auto manufacturer to contact STEK about replacing its current supplier for a dry-applied production-line film.  1+ years later we not only mastered the OEM-supplier test disciplines and invested in all the test gear – we passed the tests and starting supplying this manufacturer and then others.  THE B2B  business led to development of other automotive paint protection and window tint products.  We built a successful private-label automotive film supply business and in late 2015 decided to market under our own brand.  Partnering with Korea we formed STEK-USA in late 2016 (before SEMA).  Our founders are successful in their own right as owners of a highly successful detail and Paint Protection Film (PPF) shop in the Seattle area.  So we are one of you at heart and this should answer questions about the core company.

WHAT we provide:  The USA branch started with paint protection films.  Although window film could be part of our future, PPF comes first and PPF is STEK’s main focus.  There is inventory being in Bellevue WA along with tech support from folks who apply PPF for a living.  Training is under development and will be available later in 2018.  Our PPF products include a very cost-effective premium product PROshield, and the very high performing hydrophobic DYNO series.  The majority of our raw material comes from the US (film, top coats),  Korea (adhesive and application).

WHERE we are located:  Our office and warehouse is located at 127000 Bel Red Road, Bellevue WA.   On the web we are at www.stekautomotive.comFacebookInstagramYouTube and LinkedIn. Check out YouTube for some interesting installation videos on the DYNO product family.  To drive business to our dealers we are sponsoring forums for Tesla, Corvette, Rennlist, 6-speed, Mercedes, and Audi (and of course, Tintdude).  As noted, STEK Automotive has administrative offices in Seoul Korea;  our plant and warehouse are located about 1.5 hours outside the city.  For clarity – the plant is an STEK-owned facility for use exclusively by STEK to manufacture STEK and private label branded adhesive-backed protective film products.  And before you ask, about half our business is still screen-protection products lest anyone question us on that front.  Same skills and knowledge required – just different use-cases.

WHEN did we start:  STEK was founded in 1977, STEK Automotive in the early 2000s, and STEK-USA in mid-2016.

WHY we matter:  We are one of you – our choice was the result of real-world experience with everyday installations.  We researched film and discovered STEK; and with STEK we found a superior product backed by a superior company.  We have our own R&D staff driven by an aggressive product road-map developing new and improved products.  These new films are designed to open new markets for businesses, to provide products that are more attractive to potential PPF customers, to increase your margins, and to reduce a business’s costs.  Unlike many suppliers, we make what we sell – from the initial design to in-process quality control and final inspection before shipping.  We focus on performance, quality, and consistency so we can and do take total responsibility for what we sell.

HOW can you join the STEK revolution?  Contact us through any of the web outlets.  Contact us at info@stekautomotive.com

We’re not new, but we’re different – join the #stekrevolution